About drawtunes

Break It On Down for Me

drawtunes is a new way to create music online. You don't need any experience or knowledge of music theory. You don't need to know how to play an instrument. All you need to make music is just a mouse or a touch screen.

How Do I Save and Share Songs?

Once you're proud of your song, you should share it with your friends! You just need to register for a free drawtunes account to create your public artist profile. Then all of your songs will be permanently saved, and you will be provided with a link to share each song.

So How Do I Start My Symphony?

Head over to the create a song page. You'll see that you start with one available track. You create notes by drawing within the large white area in this track.

What About these Controls?

Controlling Pitch

Notes drawn higher in the track have a higher pitch. Notes drawn lower in the track have a lower pitch. If you change the color of your brush stroke you can widen the range of pitches. Cooler colors to the left have lower pitches. Warmer colors to the right have higher pitches. By combining colors and the full height of the track, you can create as many different pitches as there are on a piano!

Controlling Volume

A note's volume is controlled by the thickness of your brush stroke. Thinner strokes to the left have softer volumes. Thicker strokes to the right have louder volumes. If you select the thinnest stroke available, which has no width at all, you'll be silencing the note. This works exactly the same as erasing it.

Controlling Speed

Move the speed slider to the left to slow down the song. Move the speed slider to the right to speed up the song.

Tracks and Instruments

In the full version you can easily add tracks by clicking the "Add Track" button. Notes that line up vertically in different tracks all play at the same time. You can also delete a track by clicking the "delete" link within each track. Deleting the last track is the same as completely erasing it; each song will always have at least one track.

You can change instruments by selecting a different one in the "Instrument" dropdown. Each track is associated with a single instrument. So to have multiple instruments playing at once, simply add new tracks and assign them different instruments.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a complete list of the available keyboard shortcuts to help you create your songs even faster:

  • space: play/pause songs
  • 1-6: select volume
  • q/e: lower pitch/raise pitch
  • z/c: slow down/speed up
  • w/s: zoom in/zoom out
  • a/d: pan left/pan right